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May 21, 2011 · That SRT4 cant make 600 ft lbs though! and Ive seen B16's on 28 PSI (which is yes alot, but that srt4 would be pushing 20-30 as well) making 700 WHP on pump gas revving to 9k (which is pretty much normal) while Ive never, ever seen a SRT4 hit over 700 WHP. Either way my point is, the Honda Civics in this game should have 600+ WHP.

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In the 1990's Garrett engineers developed a radically new efficient turbocharger baptizing it 'New Garrett Technology' aka the 'NGT' turbo. Over time the term was shortened to 'GT' and is now used to specifically describe the aerodynamically advanced Garrett turbochargers that cause the turbo to spool up to boost and accelerate your vehicle ...

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