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6 is greater than 5, so round up. Add 1 to the digit you are rounding to. 2.4796. Replace all digits to right of the one you are rounding to with zeros. Answer: 2.4790 . if the number we were rounding was 2.4784. Number to the right of the thousandth digit is 4. Since 4 is less than 5 we round down and leave the thousandth place digit unchanged ...

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This is "Aut5.1.5 - Rounding to 10 100 and 1000" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. I found a post here that asked a similiar question but had no replies. I need to round currency values in my query to the nearest 1000. I have a calculated field and the value is: $10,847.81 so I would like to see a value of $11. So does anyone know how to round to the nearest 1000 ? Thank you.

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We’ll write 2 in decimal column to round up to nearest 100 in decimals. Figure 3. To round up the integer to the nearest 10, write -1 in the B cell next to original number. Write -2 to round up the integer up to nearest 100. Figure 4. Formulas: =RoundUp(number,number_digits) =RoundDown(number,number_digits) Total of the rounded numbers is 2680.66 MATH 225N Week 6 Confidence Intervals Questions and Answers On a busy Sunday morning, a waitress randomly sampled customers about their preference for morning ... In this lesson you will learn how to round numbers to the leading digit by using a number line.

point. In other words, rounding . to the nearest tenth is . , not . . ed billions en billions billions ed millions en millions millions ed thousands en thousands thousands eds ens ones nths edths thousandths en-thousandths ed-thousandths 148,753,982,067.95249 Rounding examples For example, if your number is 319,740,562.85 To round to the ... If you need to round a number to the nearest 1000, you can use the ROUND function and supply -3 for number of digits. Explanation . In the example, cell C6 contains this formula: = ROUND (B6,-3) The value in B6 is 1,234,567 and the result is 1,235,000.round 696 to the nearest ten: 700: round 683 to the nearest hundred: 700: round 3482 to the nearest hundred: 3500: round 6741 to the nearest hundred: 6700: round 5962 to the nearest hundred: 6000: round 4352 to the nearest thousand: 4000: round 4927 to the nearest thousand: 5000: round 39,621 to the nearest thousand: 40,000: round 23,429 to the ...