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Dec 28, 2020 · My Hero Academia's Eijiro Kirishima, AKA Red Riot, is a straightforward guy with a straightforward Quirk -- or so it appears.Despite the seeming simplicity of his Hardening Quirk, it hides a few surprises and secrets -- and likely even Kirishima himself doesn't know all of them.

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Jul 29, 2019 · Future Hopes (My Hero Academia Oneshots) Quirk Ideas. Aureum Noctis, Kallum *This is the page where I will be providing different quirk ideas. Below are the quirks ...

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TAGS: Project, Hero Academia, My Hero Academia, Academia, Anime, Fighting, RPG,boku no hero academia,Dio,Project : Hero Academia ... Random Rare Quirk Npc Scythe ... My Hero Academia has many characters that boast impressive quirks. From elemental powers to invisibility, both professional heroes and heroes in training have something meaningful to contribute when it comes to saving people.

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