How to weld an axle truss

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The truss is then fully boxed and welded for maximum strength and rigidity. This truss will fit GM 14-bolt, Dana 44, Dana 60, Ford 8.8”, Ford 9”, Chrysler 8.25”, Toyota Land Cruiser, and most other light truck and SUV axles with 3” [76mm] or 3.5” [89mm] OD axle tubes.

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Simply tack weld the truss together, place it on axle and all other brackets fit into exactly where they need to be. Easily upgradeable for future link geometry changes. Note: this kit requires general welding and fabrication skills. We then TIG weld on the rear truss that has a radius design, also for maximum strength. Using this size tubing is extremely strong and also offers various full float hub combinations. All welding is done in specific fixtures to minimize distortion to insure that your housing is straight from start to finish.

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Literally drop the truss in place on the axle and it's ready to weld. No puzzle piece assembling* Designed used 3D models directly from Dana Corp and Jeep for not only an amazing fit but clearances with surrounding components; 70% less welding needed than previous truss designs means less warping, faster turnaround, and lower costs Jun 25, 2012 · welding steel to cast Post by ledzep_06 » Wed Sep 24, 2014 6:51 pm thinking about welding the axle truss for my front axle build myself. hopeing to purchase a Hobart 210mvp or 230 in the next month or so. ive got a buddy with a Hobart 230 I can access in the mean time if needed.

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